Annette Mooney Wasno began her professional DC acting career portraying a juvenile delinquent on a locally produced television show. She simultaneously began working on stage, performing over the years for several musical and children’s theatre companies. Since 2013 this dramedic actress has appeared in more than 20 fully staged productions, over a dozen staged readings, half a dozen theatre festivals, several short films and government training films, as well as doing role play work for universities, law firms, non-profits and government agencies. Her résumé runs from Sondheim to Shakespeare, new works to well-known, and Grand Guignol to giant puppet heads.


“I constantly find myself in awe of the power of the performing arts to educate, to enlighten, to entertain, to empower.  Working with a community of talented people to create an experience that fulfills this potential is exhilarating . . . and so much darn fun!”

Headshots by Teresa Castracane Photography, LLC